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Welcome to St.Assisi World School

St. Assisi World School provides unique learning experiences that are drawn from the concept triangle of 'Modern Psycho-pedagogy & Whole Brain Development, Quality consciousness, and Technology Based Learning'.Conceived and managed on the lines of best practices in schooling and led by a dynamic leadership and vibrant faculty, St. Assisi World School promises to nurture and lead young minds...

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  The Multiple Intelligence
  Photo Gallery

Verbal /Linguistic intelligence  WORD SMART

The ability to think in words and to use language to express and appreciate complex meanings.  
Logical/Mathematical Intelligence NUMBER SMART  
The ability to recognize patterns, work with abstract symbols, calculate, quality, consider propositions & hypotheses, use scientific thinking / inductive reasoning, numbers and logic.  
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We are an Edexcel authorized Centre
Centre No.90997


  Admission Procedure
  1. Entrance Test - to check the learning level and learning skills of the student.
  2. 2 passport size photographs.
  3. Attested copy of Birth certificate.
  4. Attested copies of the latest academic records/transcripts.If these are yet to be issued by the present school, or are currently unavailable for submission, please attach attested copies of most previous year's academic records.
  5. A Summary of extra-curricular records/achievement,if any
  St. Assisi World School at the forefront of educational innovation, will develop world class citizens and whole-brained thinkers who will make a difference to the 21st century.  
  Mission Statement
A sense of integrity, dignity and confidence to face life's challenges.
A sensitivity to relate rightly to the earth and to all life.
An ability to learn on one's own and take responsibility for learning.
The capacity to make choices of future activities in consonance with one's deepest predilections.
The intelligence to remain a sensitive human being with openness.
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